A Profound Journey of Self-Discovery with Jan Geurtz's "Addicted to Love

A Profound Journey of Self-Discovery with Jan Geurtz's "Addicted to Love

Have you read the transformative book "Addicted to Love" by Jan Geurtz? If not, this is your cue from the universe you should! No kidding. In this enlightening read, the author takes us on a profound exploration of love, relationships, and the underlying mechanisms that sometimes entangle us in destructive patterns.

The Awakening
Geurtz starts his discourse with a powerful insight – that many of us, unknowingly, are addicted to love. He reveals how our desires for love and acceptance can lead to dependency and suffering. The book acts as a compass, encouraging the reader to explore the deeper layers of themselves and become aware of the mechanisms influencing their relationships.

Examining the Addiction
Geurtz explains how our quest for love is often connected to a deep-seated fear of loneliness and rejection. He analytically illustrates how this fear drives us towards dependency and how we can free ourselves from this addiction through a process of awareness.

Relationships as Mirrors
A powerful aspect of "Addicted to Love" is Geurtz's approach to relationships as mirrors of our own inner world. He encourages introspection and reflection, allowing readers the opportunity to understand and transform their own behaviors and reactions.

The Path to Freedom
The book not only provides insight but also practical tools for breaking addictive patterns. Geurtz offers tools to cultivate awareness, develop self-love, and approach relationships with a new perspective.

"Addicted to Love" is more than a book; it's a guide to personal growth and spiritual development. Jan Geurtz invites us to dig deeper, live more consciously, and discover the key to true freedom in love. If you crave insight and transformation in your relationships, this book is an essential companion on your journey to self-discovery.

Be inspired, discover, and liberate yourself with "Addicted to Love" by Jan Geurtz. Your journey to a more loving and fulfilling life begins here.


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Sandra Roelofs
Founder of Love Suits You


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